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SATEC PM172 - Advanced Power & Revenue Meter

The PM172 is a high performance feeder monitoring instrument that includes revenue class measurements and logging capability. With over 100 electrical measurements, long term memory logging capability and breaker contact status inputs, this series is an economical approach to distribution automation for utilities.

Revenue class metering and the built-in TOU function provide a solid background for commercial and industrial submetering applications. The event and data log on the basis of programmable set-points is a differentiating feature of the PM172 series. This capability facilitates a wide range of commercial and industrial applications demanding data analysis as well as corrective actions for specific recorded events. The recorded data is a valuable asset for energy management.

The PM172 series is widely integrated in panel boards and SCADA systems by commercial and industrial facilities, and successfully used for electric generator applications.

The PM172 series includes a choice of built-in communication platforms, such as modem, Ethernet, Profibus DP, and serial communication.

  • Multifunctional 3-Phase Power Meter
    • Voltage, current (including neutral current), power, energy, power factor, frequency, voltage/current unbalance, load profile
  • Multi-Tariff Revenue Meter (E/EH Models)
    • Exceeds accuracy class 0.2S
    • Built-in Time of Use (TOU) tariffs to meet any billing requirements
    • Sealing option
  • Power Quality Monitoring (EH Model)
    • Individual voltage and current harmonics (up to the 40th via display / 63rd via PAS)
    • Voltage and current THD, TDD & K-Factor
    • Total Harmonic Powers
    • Total Harmonic Energies
    • Waveform recording with 6 channels (3 voltage inputs, 3 current inputs)
  • Real Time Clock
    • Built-in clock and calendar functions with back-up battery
    • Time synchronization via communication port or digital input
  • Event/Data Log
    • Logging capability for more than 100 parameters
    • Logging parameters with real-time stamps
  • Alarm & Control Functions
    • 16 programmable set points
    • 2 programmable relay outputs 3A, 250V
    • 2 digital inputs
    • Optional 2AI or 2AO
    • Optional 2DI+2DO (total 4DI+4DO)
  • Power Supply
    • AC/DC: 85-264V AC, 88-290V DC
    • Optional: 12V DC, 24V DC, 48V DC
  • Communication
    • 2 independent communication ports (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, modem, Ethernet, Profibus DP, GPRS)
    • Protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII, DNP 3.0, Modbus/TCP, DNP3/TCP
  • Construction
    • Full galvanic isolation of voltage and current measuring circuits—6 kV Impulse
    • Dual panel mounting: 4” Round; Square 96×96 DIN
    • Weight (LED display): 2.7 lbs / 1.23 kg
    • H×W×D (LED display): 5×5×5.6" / 127×127×143 mm
  • Models
    • P - Multi-functional 3-phase power meter functionality
    • E - All the features of the P model + revenue meter
    • EH - All the features of the E model + power quality monitoring. Available in certain regions only

Remote Power Meter & Display

RPM075 Remote Power Meter

RPM075 Remote Power Meter

The RPM075 is a non-display power meter providing a solution for cases where there is no available space for display panels. Can be connected anywhere, via panel/wall and DIN rail mounting.

RDM175 Remote Display

RDM175 Remote Display

The RPM075 can be interfaced with Remote Display RDM175 via an RS485 communication port, or added as a second display for the PM175 series.

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