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Dynamic Containment
SATEC UK Dynamic Containment Frequency

Dynamic Containment

In its attempts of regulating frequency response ancillary services, National Grid has recently launched the Dynamic Containment frequency response service. Like its predecessor, the Firm Frequency Response (FFR) scheme, Dynamic containment is geared towards managing the provider network of means for frequency balancing, such as battery energy storage systems (BESS), which are normally found on photovoltaic (PV) farms and other PV installations.

The dynamic containment guidelines include the technical specifications for fast response to frequency fluctuations and the required metering scheme and report, which must be sent to National Grid’s data concentrator.

SATEC UK Dynamic Containment Chart

Submitting Dynamic Containment reports Using SATEC’s PRO Series Meters

The meter of the PRO Series - PM335 and EM235 have been uniquely adjusted to comply and exceed the requirements for monitoring, specified in Dynamic Containment.

This includes:

  • Providing frequency readings at a 4 decimal resolution
  • Providing a bespoke data log for the required parameters to be sent to the data concentrator

The PRO meter is an extremely advanced analyzer, compliant with the Class S category of power quality analysis, per IEC 61000-4-30.

PRO highlights include:

  • Built-in direct current (DC) metering capabilities (Hall Effect sensors or shunts)
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • IEC 61850
  • Dual Port Ethernet
  • Up to 27 Digital and analog I/O
  • 16GB on-board memory

For further information, please visit the PRO Series product page.



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