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  • Display & report precise measurements
  • Save on maintenance costs: migrate from calendar to condition based
  • Measure and predict your generation capacity
  • Generate revenue by responding to curtailment incentives
  • Monitor and optimize your generation capabilities
  • Calculate and collect costs from consumers


  • Locate, analyze and correct Power Quality causes efficiently
  • Enable trade and exchange of electricity with high resolution measurements; Detect and mitigate energy transmission losses
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Expedite Outage Management: detect causes and recover
  • Audit Power Quality: analyze waveforms & trends
  • Manage remote substations and customer sites

Substation Automation

  • Add On to Automate

Dynamic Containment

  • Fast-acting post-fault service to contain frequency within the statutory range in the event of a sudden demand or generation loss


  • Minimize marginal costs by optimizing energy use
  • Detect and analyze Power Quality events to prevent costly damage
  • Verify true efficiency of energy savings solutions
  • See Trouble Coming Before it Happens


  • Distribute electric costs according to real usage
  • Reduce costs on energy consumption in public areas
  • Extend equipment life span by monitoring Power Quality
  • Focus Energy management efforts in cost-effective areas
  • Establish true value of energy savings solutions
  • Respond to Energy acts and regulations

Power Measurement

  • Ultimate Monitoring Functionality

Energy Sub-metering

  • Control Energy Consumption & Reduce Costs
  • Get "Just in Time Energy" and Maintain Low Costs

Power Quality Analysis

  • Improve overall grid reliability, avoid expensive equipment failures & resolve energy supply disputes

Power Revenue Metering

  • The Total Solution for Revenue Metering & Advanced Power Quality Analysis
  • Save Costs with "All-in-One" Devices and Analyze Grid Power Quality
    • For Utilities
    • For Energy Consumers

Renewable Power Monitoring

  • Monitor high emission of voltage/current harmonics and inter-harmonics

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