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Power Revenue Metering

The Total Solution for Revenue Metering & Advanced Power Quality Analysis

High performance revenue metering with a comprehensive grid power quality analysis at connection points between utilities or between utility and major energy consumer is an incredible step forward compared to straightforward energy metering.

SATEC's state of the art grid meter backed by our powerful web service represent the total solution for revenue metering and the most advanced power quality analysis. The solution includes:

Save Costs with "All-in-One" Devices and Analyze Grid Power Quality

For Utilities

  • High performance revenue metering and complete grid power quality assessment at connection points between utilities (such as transmission and distribution utilities) or between utility and major energy consumers at high/medium voltage
  • Bridging utility automation, metering/billing, and power quality applications within utilities by a single grid meter
  • Comprehensive power quality analysis according to the most demanding standards IEC 61000-4-30 Class A and EN 50160 as well as many important power quality features beyond the standard
  • Monitor grid power quality at connection points for early excursion warnings and proper corrective actions
  • Manage complicated power supply contracts including power quality commitments
  • Get ready for government power quality regulations
  • Robust billing capabilities customized to customer's need provided by eXpertpower™ Billing.
  • Perform professional Power Quality Analysis using online tools provided by and eXpertpower™ Pro.

For Energy Consumers

  • High performance test revenue metering and power quality analysis to resolve power quality disputes with utilities.
  • Metering and power quality data for grid monitoring and control. Minimize power quality events and avoid expensive equipment failures.
  • Ensure compliance to Power Quality standards using eXpertpower™ Pro Compliance reports.

eXpertmeter EM720

eXpertmeter EM720

High Performance Power Quality Analyzer & Revenue Meter
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