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IEC61850 Multifunction Power Meter

  • Built-in direct current (DC) metering capabilities (Hall Effect sensors or shunts)
  • Class 0.2S
  • IEC 61850 / DNP3
  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • Dual Port Ethernet
  • Waveform Recording
  • 16GB on board memory




The PRO series is SATEC’s newest, cost-effective line of ultra-compact power meters for advanced power applications.

Dynamic Containment

The dynamic containment guidelines include the technical specifications for fast response to frequency fluctuations and the required metering scheme and report, which must be sent to National Grid’s data concentrator.

The meter of the PRO Series, PM335 and EM235 have been uniquely adjusted to comply and exceed the requirements for monitoring, specified in Dynamic Containment.

This includes:

  • Providing frequency readings at a 4 decimal resolution
  • Providing a bespoke data log for the required parameters to be sent to the data concentrator

The PRO meter is an extremely advanced analyzer, compliant with the Class S category of power quality analysis, per IEC 61000-4-30.

The Digital Substation

Today's world of power metering and telemetry requires full connectivity, relying on advanced communication protocols and enveloping cyber-security. Featuring a comprehensive communication platform, including Dual Port Ethernet, IEC 61850 communication protocol, DNP3 and IEC 60870-5101/104 the PRO meter is designed to answer the needs of the modern digital substation.

DC metering and Renewable energy

Direct Current systems are on the rise in applications such as solar farms, energy storage and data centers. The efficiency of these systems is crucial and the metering of the actual DC circuits before inversion to AC gives an important health-check of these facilities. The PRO series introduces rare capabilities and precision in this new field of DC metering.

Industrial Energy Management

A variety of attachable digital I/O modules, combined with the measured electrical parameters and the ability to program the meters with PLC logic setpoints enables versatile control functionalities. This way a meter does not only monitor the energy consumed in an industrial process but also measures its efficiency, alerting of irregularities and taking needed action such as shutting down power or a critically failing process via relay outputs. With AC and DC metering combined it is an extremely powerful tool for a wide variety of energy-consuming industrial processes.

Highlights & Features

  • Precision: Class 0.2S accuracy; 256 samples/cycle, 10 msec TRUE-RMS refresh time.
  • Memory: 16 GB on-board
  • Communication ports: 2 X ETH (redundancy/daisy-chain); USB (type C), RS-485
  • IEC 61850
  • Power Quality: waveform capture and event recording
  • Neutral Current Metering
  • Flexible modularity: up to 4 expandable IO and communication modules
  • Compact design (50mm depth)
  • User Friendly HMI

Feature Diagram

SATEC PRO SERIES Feature Diagram
  • Multi-Function Power & Energy Meter
    • Real time cycle-by-cycle measurement of high accuracy, true RMS voltage, current, power, demand and energy
    • Revenue grade meter (anti-tamper enclosure and energy metering accuracy)
    • Class 0.2S (IEC 62053-22)
    • Advanced Time Of Use (TOU) features for any complex billing scheme: 16 Energy sources include external digital pulses, up to 4 seasons, 4 daily profiles, 8 Tariffs, flexible automatic calendar
    • Vector diagram and symmetrical components

Waveform Capture

Provides simultaneous capture for all voltage and current channels with choice of sample rate, up to 256. Selectable pre-fault / post-fault recording length.


The PRO series is designed to comply with IEC/AS 62052-11, IEC 62053-22/24, IEC 61557-12 (PMD-Sx), EN 50470, WELMEC 7.2, MID MI-003 and ANSI C12.1/20 standards.

Power Quality

Harmonic Analysis: THD of voltage and current, custom alarming, TDD, K factor, Crest factor. Individual harmonics, up to the 50th harmonic

Voltage Calculation, analysis & Recording: ½ cycle RMS calculation, symmetrical components, Voltage Dips/Sags, Interruptions, Swells, Unbalance, Transient and THD events recording

DC Measurement

The PRO Series meters function as analyzers for direct current (DC) systems as well. This application is based on the PRO models featuring 40mA inputs (the HACS model), using Hall Effect Sensors. The meter can measure voltages up to 3,000V DC and currents up to 4,000A DC.

DC Voltage Measurement

The PRO meter can withstand up to 820V DC direct measurement. From 820V DC a Voltage Ratio Module (VRM) must be used, as described in the quick-start guide, available below for download.

SATEC Voltage Ration Module


  • Accuracy: starting at 0.1%
  • 3 independent voltage inputs
  • DIN-rail installation
  • Ratio coefficient: 3.5

DC Current Measurement

The unit is equipped with 4 independent inputs, compatible with Hall Effect Sensors featuring ±20mA outputs.

SATEC provides such sensors, ranging 100-4,000A DC (see Datasheets below). Generic sensors of identical output can be used as well.

  • Communication interfaces
    • Built-in Communication Ports:
    • 2 x ETH (independent interfaces)
    • RS-485
    • optical port (IR)
    • USB C
    • Protocols:
    • IEC 61850, Ed. 2
    • MMS and Goose support
    • DHCP and DDNS support, PRP
    • Web-server
    • Modbus RTU/TCP
    • Modbus Master
    • DNP3 / DNP3/TCP (level 2)
    • IEC60870-5-101/104
  • Multi-option Current Inputs
    • Standard 1A or 5A current inputs
    • Flex Clamp: 200A/2V, 30A-300A-3000A/3V Rogowski coil
    • Optional: 40mA inputs, designed for:
      • SATEC HACS CTs
      • DC metering: Current Measurements using Hall Effect Sensors
  • Logging, Recording & Programming
    • Onboard memory: 16GB
    • Programmable controller: up to 64 control setpoints, up to 8 conditions OR, AND, arithmetical functions logic, extensive triggers, programmable thresholds and delays, relay control, event-driven data recording
    • Waveform sampling rate 32, 64, 128 or 256 samples per cycle
    • Virtually unlimited continuous waveform recording
    • 1-ms resolution for digital inputs
    • 16 fast Data Recorders (16 parameters on each data log): From ½ cycle RMS to 2 hour RMS envelopes; programmable data logs on a periodic basis and on internal or external trigger
    • 32 digital internal counters for counting pulses from external sources and internal events
    • 16 internal programmable timers (½ cycle to 24 hours)

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